Small Business Marketing Using Facebook

By Maria Peagler

Mar 03
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Entrenpreneurs are turning in droves to Facebook for their small business marketing.  Why Facebook and why now?  Businesses overall, and especially start-ups and other small businesses with lean marketing budgets are transitioning from expensive print advertising that shows little ROI and trending toward online marketing, where their efforts drive SEO, increase visits to their websites, provide better brand recognition, and the ability to connect directly with customers.

Small business marketing is often a challenge for owners with strapped budgets:  how do they make their marketing dollars stretch to be most effective over the long term?  That’s where social media comes in.  No matter who your audience is, they are on Facebook.  Sure, the 18 – 24 year-olds are there, but did you know the fastest growing segment of Facebook users is baby boomers?  Yes, the 55+ crowd.

So what is it that makes small business marketing so effective on Facebook?

Low start-up costs. Facebook is free, so the only cost involved in marketing there is your time.  Invest creative time setting up your business page and customizing it to get results; once you’ve completed that it’s easy to market your business on Facebook.  While much of the time claims made around social media are bogus in my opinion, you truly can market your business on Facebook in about 5-10 minutes a day.

Better ROI. How do you measure your return on investment in print advertising?  Television commercials?  Not easy, is it?  Facebook gives you measurable statistics on your fan’s demographics, traffic statistics, and interactions.  Their Insights are pure gold, and if you decide to advertise on their platform, you’ve already got the demographic data you need to be effective.

Easy Word of Mouth Marketing. The best marketing any business can have is word-of-mouth.  People trust the advice of their friends far more than any advertisement or slick marketing brochure, and here is where social media really shines, making it easy for people to spread the word about your business.

Facebook Word of Mouth Marketing

When one person Liked my Color Mastery fan page, her friends saw it, bought my book based on that one interaction, and now I’m looking at a workshop opportunity.  All from one Like.  I get book sales, consulting sessions, and sign-ups for my training classes all through Facebook.

Authenticity.  People do business with other people.  If you read my blog regularly, you hear me say this often, because it’s true.  When consumers get to know you, your story, and why you’re passionate about your business, they are far more likely to connect with you and buy from you.  Social media allows consumers to get to know you, your staff, and the fascinating stories happening in your business everyday.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

Compete on a worldwide scale. Social media is particularly effective for smaller businesses, as you can market on a large scale and compete with much larger companies.  Big box stores have difficulty promoting a social image:  after all, who will you be doing business with at their store?  Probably a different person everyday.  But a smaller business can easily present a personable, customer-oriented attitude on social media, and easily on Facebook.

Now the big question is how?  What is the secret sauce you can apply to your small business marketing on Facebook to drive results?  Stay tuned, because that’s what I’ll be addressing in upcoming posts.  Check out my Facebook 101:  Developing a Facebook Page for your Business online course over at, my new website offering instructor-led courses on social media.  Soon, you’ll be a savvy business owner using social media for greater profits in your small biz.

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