Social Media Manager Responsibilities Learning Track

By Maria Peagler

Oct 21
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  New! Social Media Manager Learning Track 

Are you ready to take on the responsibilities of a social media manager? That’s what our social media manager learning track does: help you get a new career as a social media manager, start your own agency, or update your marketing skills. Fast, easy, online.

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I’m excited to debut an exclusive training curriculum here at – our Social Media Manager Responsibilities track.

What is it?

A curriculum designed to provide a managerial skill set for social media: not just tactics & social platforms, but how to develop, execute and measure social media marketing campaigns.

This track is perfect for anyone who wants a career in digital marketing, who needs to update their marketing skills, or needs to learn how to manage social media in their business.

The social media manager track covers:

  • how to tie marketing to revenue generation
  • how to measure a social media marketing campaign’s ROI
  • how to outsource social media marketing
  • how to develop multimedia for your campaigns
  • and much more

The learning is included when you become a member of at the Annual or 3-Month Levels. And the learning track is in addition to your classes, infographics, swipe file, 1:1 coaching and bonus webinars.  You can learn more about our membership levels here.

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Social Media Strategy, Execution and Measurement

A digital manager needs to know how to create campaigns for multiple audiences, platforms and outcomes.  That all starts with the strategy, overseeing the execution, and ultimately measuring the success of the campaign.

Managing a Social Media Team

Sometimes you’ll create your brand’s campaign in-house, while other times you’ll be outsourcing those campaigns.  You may even be interested in starting your own agency (it’s important to set expectations up front about what’s realistic). You’ll learn who makes a good candidate for outsourcing, what clients should look for in your agency, and much more.

Developing Multimedia Content

As a social media manager, you’ll be expected to be a multi-tool of content creation: blog posts, images, video, podcasts, social media posts, and more.  You’ll learn how to create each type of content, no matter what your budget, using simple tools and the latest apps. You won’t need to be a graphic designer, videographer or professional voiceover talent.

Got Website? Get Revenue!

No matter what terrific social media marketing campaigns you execute, it all comes down to the website.  You’ll learn what a website needs to get sales (whether it’s your own, a client’s, or a colleague’s), and how to have the “conversation” about updating it to increase revenue.

You can learn more about our membership levels here.

Here’s a look at the modules currently in the Social Media Manager Learning Track (we’re adding more every month)

smm learning track page



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