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By Maria Peagler

Jul 30

Resource page offering 5 PowerPoint presentations, 2 webinars & 1 video workshop on social media strategies, templates, plans, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

I speak often at social media and business conferences, and my PowerPoint presentations are a staple of my lectures. They range from overall strategy to specific social networks, and are loaded with case studies.

This resource page offers social media presentations, PowerPoints, and videos on everything from strategy, action plans, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Bookmark this page so you can return to it often when you're ready for a Lunch 'n Learn or quick refresher on your social media skills.

Social Media Marketing Templates

Social Media Strategy Template

Creating a social media strategy is a bit of a Catch-22: you don't really know what to plan for until you have some experience with social media. So I start all of my clients out with this social media strategy template: it walks you through the essential items you need to understand before you can make the key decisions for your strategy.

Here is the one-hour live social media training seminar on creating your strategy. I streamed it live using Facebook, and you can watch the entire training session by clicking below:

Viral Facebook Post Template

Yes, it really is possible to create a viral Facebook post, and this template lays out the formula for doing it. You can read the full case study of the woman who created this outstanding Facebook post here:

Viral Facebook Post Template Socialmediaonlineclasses

Perfect Social Media Post Templates

What does the perfect post on each social network look like? These templates give you the format & etiquette for the perfect post on every major social network, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Slideshare, YouTube & more. Plus, you get my most popular posts on each social network:

perfect social media post all 8 templates

Here's the webinar excerpt on what the perfect social media post looks like:

Social Media Marketing Presentations

Pinterest Marketing Presentation

This Pinterest Marketing presentation is my most popular on Slideshare, viewed over 11K times. It offers a case study of a hair stylist who grew her business using Pinterest:

Facebook Marketing Presentation

People can't get enough of Facebook, and this presentation offers 64 marketing techniques that are proven to work here. It includes the globally-shared Facebook marketing infographic, and you can get the most recent version of that infographic here.

LinkedIn Marketing Presentation

LinkedIn is the only true business-to-business (B2B) social network, so marketing tactics & etiquette are different here than on other social networks.

Slideshare Marketing Presentation

Slideshare is a gentle giant of marketing & SEO, but few people truly understand it's power. Even fewer guides on how to use it exist, so this presentation gives you an overview of how to use Slideshare to market your business.

  • Slideshare is how I kept my quilting book, Color Mastery, on Amazon's top 10 list for its category for a second straight year. If Slideshare can work for a quilting book, it can certainly work for your business.

College Guide to Landing a Job Presentation

Social media is a fabulous tool to help college students land their first professional job. However, social media is a double-edged sword for many: while it's a great resource, if your profile is filled with profanity, nudity, or posts about drinking games, you've blown your chance to land that dream job.

You can see the full guide, including a salary guide, infographics and video here.

Social Media Marketing Videos

Visual Storytelling for Small Business Video

Are you using images properly in your marketing? DIgital marketing relies on effective visuals, which can be tough for entrepreneurs if you're not a graphic designer.

This video includes three case studies of small businesses using visuals effectively in their marketing:

Content Marketing Made Simple Video

This video answers the oft-asked question, "where do I get all the content I need for marketing?"

I share my secrets from a 25-year career as an award-winning publisher, writer and entrepreneur. I also managed a technical writing team of seven writers in a fast-paced computer training business, and had to develop effective methods of generating quality content quickly:


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