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Social Media Services Menu & Pricing

Your Best Facebook Ad Ever

We handle every aspect of your Facebook ad, from creating the ad itself, to targeting your most profitable audience, to proper tracking of results. No matter what type of ad: from a boosted post to a lead ad that generates leads to your email list & follow-up emails, we'll do it for you.

COST: 1.5x your ad spend (Example: if you spend $100/month on Facebook ads, my fee would be $150. So your total cost would be $250)

Marketing Analytics + Swipe File

The One-Pager: Your Go-To resource for your best year ever. Goodbye boring spreadsheets, hello one-page swipe file. We analyze your website, marketing & advertising to identify your outstanding successes AND greatest opportunities. You get a visual one-page swipe file & 15-minute video review so you can easily identify where to put your focus (and you can have the spreadsheets too if you want them). 

COST: $295

The Deep Dive: Want more details on the WHY behind our recommendations? Get a one-hour meeting with Maria where she'll review your biggest successes AND your greatest opportunities, along with a PowerPoint presentation you can refer to later outlining the details. 

COST: $595  (includes both the One-Page and the Deep Dive)

SEO Keyword Research + Roadmap

Wonder why your competition is ranking better than you (and what you can do about it)? Want to improve your  website's rankings in organic search and get more traffic?

Just the Keywords: We'll research the most profitable keywords for your business (this is way better than Google Keyword Planner) and a 15-minute video explaining where & how to use them to increase your search engine rankings. 

COST: $95

Give Me an SEO Roadmap: Get your most profitable keywords PLUS a one-year calendar of what to do to with those keywords to increase your brand's SEO (plus links to each lesson/webinar/infographic at SMOC that teaches you exactly how to do it). Includes a 30-minute meeting with Maria to discuss the tactics in the blueprint, plus how to achieve them.

COST: $295

Do It For Me SEO: Get all of the above, but we do it all for you. Includes a 30-minute SEO review with Maria every month.

COST: $2,295

Full Day On-Site Coaching with Maria

Want a full day with Maria at your place? What would it mean to your business if you could have Maria's entire focus on you & your business for one full day?

That's what you get in this one-day coaching opportunity at your location. 

Why your place?

So we have everything we need to review your business: I want to take a deep dive into your business model, your team, your methods, your marketing, your products & services and your analytics. I want to put myself in your shoes to see your business from your perspective.

What will you get?

An actionable plan on how to fast-track your business to reach your wildest dreams.

That's not hyperbole. I set a huge goal for myself when I self-published my book, Color Mastery. My goal? To sell out of its first printing in one year.

Did I reach that goal? Yes, in half the time. I sold out in 6 months and financed a second printing for double the copies in the first printing. Sold out of that one too. And continued to get orders for five years after the book was out of print.

And I transformed that success into, serving clients on 6 different continents and competing against major (much bigger) players in the online training industry.

That's what you'll get: a how-to blueprint for reaching your biggest goals.

COST: $1,500 plus travel expenses

Want more than one day withe Maria? Extend your coaching by getting additional days for $1,000 each.

These will go fast: I'm limiting full-day coaching sessions to only one per quarter.