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Willow Ridge Press, LLC, Consultants - Social Media, Big Canoe, GA

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What if I don’t have any social media accounts set up?

Then your first month fees will go toward setting up the social media accounts offering the highest potential for your business.

What if I don’t have images or content for you to use?

For your social media, we can curate relevant links and images and focus on community building if you don’t have original content.
For email marketing, we have some “secret” methods that make it super easy for you to create content. If you don’t have product images or headshots, we work with professional photographers to shoot your images for an additional fee.
For SEO, we create the blog post content for you, working closely together to ensure the appropriate topics, writing style, and keywords for your audience.

What if none of the plans are right for me?

We’re happy to develop a custom plan that’s perfect for you. Get in touch with us here.