Social Media Training — Social Media Manager Training [VIDEO]

By Maria Peagler

Oct 24
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Do you need to update your online marketing skills? Are you interested in becoming a social media manager? Our Social Media Manager Learning Track provides the training you need to succeed at digital marketing, no matter what your needs are.

Here’s a brief look at who the Social Media Manager Learning Track is for and what you’ll get. Click here for more details on what you’ll learn. Timestamps & transcript are below the video:

00:00:  Who the Social Media Manager Learning Track Is For

00:19:  What You’ll Learn

00:53:  What Else You’ll Get

01:15:  Visit to Get Started


Whether you want a career in digital marketing or just need to update your social media marketing skills, our new Social Media Manager Learning Track at is perfect for you.

This learning track dives deep into topics that go beyond just one social network. You’ll learn how to do things like eCommerce, get website sales, you’ll learn what you need to know to outsource social media marketing whether you are the one doing the outsourcing as an agency or someone is hiring you. You’ll learn how to do social media for local business, content marketing, Facebook ads, business video, optimizing a social media strategy and much, much more, all designed to be a deep dive into creating, developing and executing social media campaigns.

And that’s in addition to all the classes you get here on every social network. And our well-known infographics, swipe files so you can learn what others are doing that works in social media marketing, your bonus webinars that go into one particular topic–for example, social media for local business–and much more.

So visit today to get a new career in digital marketing or update your social media marketing skills.


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