Social Media Training Videos

Live Social Media Strategy Workshop [1 Hour]

Maria Peagler conducts a live one-hour workshop on how to develop and update your social media strategy and answers questions from participants. Click below to watch:

Summary: this video is a unique opportunity to watch Maria in a full social media strategy workshop for free. Maria doesn't do free webinars, as hers are 100% educational for members and she never pitches products. Maria live-streamed this workshop on Facebook to demonstrate to workshop participants how simple it can be to do livestream video.

The Perfect Social Media Post [7 Minutes]

What does the "perfect" social media post look like? And how is it different on each social network? Your Facebook post should look different than those on Twitter and Instagram, and this webinar excerpt shows you how:

How to Create a Social Media Action Plan [10 Minutes]

Once you've got a social media strategy, now it's time to execute it. And that's where most brands run into trouble. Maria's shows you a case study of an SMOC client and the social media action plan to promote & sell her latest book:

Content Marketing Made Simple [7 Minutes]

This video offers the solution to "where am I going to get all the content I need for social media?" Maria shares her content-creation secrets from a 25-year career as an award winning publisher, author, and manager of other writers.

How to Master Hootsuite in One Hour [15 Minutes]

This is a 15-minute excerpt of the full Hootsuite webinar, showing you how to schedule your social media posts.  Post once and have it go to every social network you use.

But, for anyone who's tried to learn Hootsuite, you know it can be like drinking from a firehose. Maria simplifies Hootsuite and gives you the no-fail guide to mastering it in only a single hour:

How to Automate Social Media [9 Minutes]

"I want to post once and have it go to every social network!" That's a real quote from an SMOC member, and so Maria developed this webinar to teach members how to do just that: automate your social media so you don't have to be ON social media all day.

Visual Storytelling for Social Media [11 Minutes]

Social media has become a visual landscape, and in this full video Maria shows how you can tell your brand's story using simple images. This video offers case studies of three businesses doing visual storytelling in compelling ways: two local brands (a quilt shop and auto-body shop) and a marketing education brand:

How to Create Your Own Stock Photo Library Using Canva [16 Minutes]

Maria teaches you how to take a single photo and give it an entirely different look in three ways using the free tool Use this technique to create your brand's own "stock photo library," giving your own look & feel to your images without breaking the bank on stock photos.

Creating an Infographic with Google Slides [45 Minutes]

One of Maria's most popular webinars ever, this 45-minute video shows you how to create a robust infographic using nothing more than free Google Slides.  Maria and are known across the globe for their incredible infographics, but what people don't know is how simply she creates them:

How to Get More Sales from Your Website [4 Minutes]

What if you could get more sales from the website you already have by making a few small tweaks? Everyone wants a better website, and thinks it will lead to greater sales. But making those changes can be expensive, and will they pay for themselves? Watch this brief excerpt to learn more:

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