Donates 100% of Super Sunday Bootcamp Proceeds to Kiva Micro-Loans

By Maria Peagler

Feb 16 donates to kiva

ATLANTA, GA — held its first-annual SuperSunday Bootcamp on SuperBowl Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016, and donated 100% of the proceeds to Kiva micro-loans, supporting small business owners worldwide.


For its inaugural year, the SuperSunday Bootcamp was a three-hour how-to webinar focusing on how small businesses could build automations to systemize many of their behind-the-scenes operations, so their owners could focus on revenue-generating activities.

WHO WERE THE KIVA LOAN RECIPIENTS? donated to borrowers in seven different countries, including Peru, Paraguay, Armenia, Honduras, Georgia, Cambodia and Nicaragua. While we don't have room to list every loan recipient, here are a few of the borrowers (with links to their Kiva pages): donates to Alejandro in Peru

Alejandro in Peru donates to Koe Rory Group

Koe Rory Group Grocery Store in Paraguay donates to Maro in Armenia

Maro in Armenia

Peagler homeschools her high school-freshman son, and turned the business donation into a teachable moment by allowing him to select the Kiva borrowers.  He reviewed the Kiva website, read the borrowers' stories, and chose the people whose stories resonated with him.  He got a lesson in word economics and the importance of giving back to the community.

We combined social good and the reach of the internet to empower businesses across the globe. members hail from six continents, and many Kiva borrowers come from countries where small business support is non-existent.

Maria Peagler 
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Fastest, easiest way to learn social online

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For only $7, bootcamp attendees got the three-hour live webinar, the webinar replay, an mp3 audio recording, slide deck, and infographic.  The topics covered in the webinar included:

    • What you can automate in your business and in your life (and what you should never automate)
    • What successful automation looks like: a case study
    • How you can identify tasks in your business (and your life) that you can automate
    • An SMOC member favorite: automate social media marketing: post once and have it go to every social network (including Instagram!)
    • How to put recurring tasks or projects you don't enjoy on "auto-pilot" — without your involvement!
    • How to create automated email and phone communications (great for outstanding customer support)
    • Best practices for systemized file sharing with clients, employees, and family — we use this to create our own stock photo library
    • Create a blog post in 60 seconds by uploading an image to Instagram (I do this!)
    • Don't have for social media? Automate it from your blog posts!
    • Tired of typing the same stuff over and over again? Save keystrokes by automating repetitive phrases, paragraphs, and even code. This is a critical element of my Twitter Success System!
    • How to repurpose your existing content to use on your website, blog, social media, whiteboard videos and more
    • The "secret" to measuring your marketing efforts easily using a free tool
    • Discover how you can outsource to a personal assistant (for as little as $25/mo)
    • My favorite automation: create an email marketing automation that works 24/7 (yes, even while you sleep!)
    • Best practices, apps & tactics touse your smartphone as your personal assistant (it's not Siri!)
    • How to automate BIG tasks like shipping and accounting (freeing you up for revenue-generating projects)
    • My favorite project management tool: it's visual, simple, and we use it daily to stay on track
    • How to schedule meetings instantly -- no back and forth emails, calendars, or voicemails
    • How to systemize challenging tasks that don't seem to have an answer
    • How to train your team by creating your own wiki (easily!).

Peagler will use the webinar as the framework for an online course costing significantly more than the bootcamp.  Her clients are often overwhelmed by social media marketing and don't make time for it, so she wanted to share how she was able to "scale" herself and get far more accomplished than many solopreneurs ever thought possible, all using automation tactics.

SuperSunday Bootcamp was a pay-it-forward opportunity: webinar attendees got content that will eventually cost over $500 in an online class, and 100% of their $7 webinar fee went to Kiva micro-loans.

Maria Peagler 

Peagler left registration open for the bootcamp until midnight Valentine's Day for her newsletter subscribers, but the bootcamp is officially closed and will not be made available publicly.  Those interested in learning how to automate their small businesses can look for the online class to debut in the second quarter of 2016.

Until then, here are helpful resources related to the topic of growing small businesses and automations:​

SuperSunday Bootcamp will be an annual event open to the public, always held at noon on SuperBowl Sunday.  The webinar is live, but registrants get the recording and all resources, so attendance at the live webinar isn't required.  The 2017 SuperSunday Bootcamp topic will be announced in December 2016.

Fore more information, contact [email protected]

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