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By Maria Peagler

Aug 30 donates to kiva

ATLANTA, GA — ranks in the top 86th percentile of Kiva micro-loan lenders worldwide, according to statistics provided by

I'm pleased to share that we've made another round of Kiva loans to small business owners and students worldwide.  These loans were entirely funded by previous borrowers who paid off their loans from

I've been funding Kiva business & students loans since 2012, incorporating lending to underserved areas of the world as part of philosophy.  SMOC's clients come from six continents, many from countries not supportive to their efforts to improve their lives.  


In SMOC's third quarter Kiva loans, we lent to borrowers in five different countries, including the Philippines, Pakistan, Guatemala, Kenya and the United States.  Here is a sample of the recipients we have lent to through Kiva:

kiva loan recipients

I run as a lean business: it's me and my virtual assistant. What I save on operating expenses I can contribute to Kiva micro-loans, empowering people across the globe to better control their futures, the way we can here in the U.S.

We combined social good and the reach of the internet to empower businesses across the globe. members hail from six continents, and many Kiva borrowers come from countries where small business support is non-existent.

Maria Peagler 
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I'm proud SMOC is in the top 86th percentile of all Kiva lenders worldwide.  We're a small brand, but want to make a big impact on our members lives and those entrepreneurs & students who depend on Kiva micro-loans to pursue their futures.

kiva top lenders

In January of 2016, SMOC offered our first annual SuperSunday Bootcamp, in which attendees learned how to automate their small businesses using free or low-cost online tools.  The bootcamp was a three-hour webinar and cost only $7 to register.  100% of those proceeds went to Kiva micro-loans.

You can learn more about our micro-loan lending and scholarship offerings here:

We're proud to support students and small businesses worldwide, and our members know a portion of their registration fee goes toward this mission.

To learn more, here are helpful resources related to the topic of growing small businesses and automations:​

Fore more information, contact [email protected]

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