Most Popular Articles from the First Half of 2015

By Janice Deleon

Jul 22

most popular articles

Articles are some of the most popular resources we offer here at Here are member favorites from the first half of 2015:

1. Social Media for Professional vs. Personal Use: There’s A Difference

Confessions of a millennial intern who thought she was social media savvy. What she learned was that using social for business was completely different!

2. Social Media for Local Business [Case Study]: Hair Salon on Facebook

How can local businesses capitalize on social media marketing to compete with chains and online competition?

Social media for a local business case study shows how a #1 hair salon gets business & increases their branding using Facebook.

3. Creating an Action Plan for Your SMART Social Media Goals: Your Step-by-Step Guide

How to turn your SMART goals into an Action Plan. Step-by-step example of how to create your own plan for your unique business.

4. Why Large-Brand Case Studies Don’t Work for Small Business

Small business needs their own case studies: they don’t have the resources of large brands. Discover 13 case studies of SMB social media.

5. Google Analytics for WordPress: Easily Measure What Matters

Top 3 Metrics Businesses Need to Measure to get 80% of Their Profits from 20% of Their Efforts. Plus How to Install GA Without Code.

6. Visual Storytelling for Brands

How brands can use visual storytelling to make their marketing sticky: case studies of local retailers, b2b brands, and more.

7. What You Need to Know BEFORE You Do Social Media Marketing in Europe

A primer for U.S. brands on how to approach social media marketing in Europe. A guide to cultural differences, privacy concerns, corporate restrictions and more.

8. Social Media Strategy Template: Develop Your Social Media Strategy in 60 Seconds

Download your free social media strategy template and worksheet, and learn how to develop your unique social media marketing strategy for your business.

9. Instagram for Small Business: Three Master Marketers

Learn from three small businesses who have mastered Instagram to promote themselves: a realtor, a cupcake bakery, and a retail clothing boutique.

10.  7 Surprising Secrets I’ve Learned from Beauty Vloggers

Beauty vloggers are not professional marketers, but they are CRUSHING traditional branding & promotion with their own style. Find out how they do it.


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