Most Popular Articles of 2013

By Maria Peagler

Jun 03

Most Popular Articles of 2013 at

I’m on vacation for the next 10 days, so I’m bringing you the Top Ten Articles of 2013.

Use these articles as a checklist to review what’s 2013 brought to social media, see what updates affect your business, and make necessary changes to get better results.

Facebook experienced only minor changes over the last six months, but LinkedIn? Wow! It’s an entirely new social network for B2B.

Mark some time on your calendar so you can read one article each day and then — most importantly — execute it.

  1. Facebook Marketing Infographic
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Profitable LinkedIn Networking [INFOGRAPHIC]
  3. My Social Media Presentations, Templates and Videos
  4. First 100 Days of 2013 Challenge: Creating a Social Media Action Plan
  5. Marketing Infographics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Social Media Strategy & More
  6. Pinterest Marketing Infographic
  7. LinkedIn Sales Checklist Infographic: 5 Ways to Rock Your Profile & Generate Leads
  8. Social Media Strategy Chart [INFOGRAPHIC]
  9. First 100 Days of 2013 Challenge:  Set Your Social Media Goals
  10. How to Drive Sales Using Pinterest Boards (Social Media Makeover VIDEO)

Which one will you be acting on this summer to grow your business? Share your strategies in the comments.


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