Most Popular Presentations of 2014

By Maria Peagler

Aug 20

It’s back to school time for students around the world — why not you too? Get caught up on the best presentations we offer here at They cover a wide range of topics, from Social Media Strategy to Facebook to Pinterest.  So bookmark this page and return to if often when you need a refresher on your social media skills.

Facebook Marketing

We’ve updated our Facebook Marketing Infographic and break it all down for you here.  64 tactics for a possible 4 million different campaigns!

Pinterest Marketing

People LOVE Pinterest and the fabulous inspiration they can find there. Find out how one solopreneur turned Pinterest into millions of views on her YouTube channel:

Social Media Action Plan

Learn how to develop a unique social media strategy for your business AND how to execute it. One of our most popular presentations on Slideshare.

Slideshare Marketing

Slideshare is a great place to upload your PowerPoint (or Keynote, Google Presentations too) and share them with the world. It’s a hugely underestimated social network that provides great search engine optimization too.

Now it’s your turn: which presentation was most helpful for you and your business? Have you used Slideshare? Tell us in the comments below.


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