Most Popular Youtube Videos of 2014

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Aug 28

Over on our YouTube channel, we debut brief how-to videos tutorials to help you make the most of your time on social media. Our most popular videos of 2014 help college students, local businesses, and a lucky makeover winner, as well as teach you how to do Facebook ads, Hootsuite, and more.

#1. College Guide to Getting a Job | Webinar, Slide Deck, Infographic

Learn how to land your DREAM job w/simple steps that differentiate you from every other candidate.

#2. Social Media for Local Business Webinar

How local businesses can use social media to get an ongoing source of new customers. An excerpt from the members-only webinar at

#3. Easy Facebook Ads on a Budget

How to get 900X Reach by creating a $35 ad in 5 minutes.

#4. Facebook Marketing How To: Makeover for Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter

Need more sales from social media? Learn 10 ways to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get more leads, more sales, and convert those leads into buyers.

#5. Pinterest Marketing How To: Makeover Your Boards to Drive Sales

Pinterest How-To for Business: drive leads & sales from your Pinterest account. Watch as I makeover already excellent Pinterest boards to generate leads, sales, become one of your most profitable marketing tactics.

Makeover your boards to drive sales from

#6. Facebook Marketing: 5 Minute Targeted Marketing Plan

Spend only 5 minutes every month identifying the TOP 4 Insights to create your own targeted Facebook Marketing Plan. Insights tell you What Works Now, so you don’t have to keep up with every algorithm change Facebook makes.

5 Minute Facebook Marketing Plan from

#7. Hootsuite How To: Master Hootsuite in Just One Hour!

Hootsuite How To Tutorial in this webinar: you’ll learn how to: * Post one time and send it to all of your social networks * Schedule posts for a future date and time * Add photos and videos to posts * Shorten links to fit them into Twitter’s 140 characters

Master Hootsuite in just one hour from

#8. Facebook Posts: Guarantee Your Fans See Yours

How to guarantee your fans see posts from your business page. Crush that lowly 17% post reach by doing this single step! Share this video with your fans so they know how to Get Notifications from your business page.

Facebook Posts: Guarantee Your Fans See Yours from Now it’s your turn: which videos was most helpful for you and your business? Have you used Youtube? Tell us in the comments below.

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