Starting Small with Social Media

By Maria Peagler

Oct 11
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Social media can be intimidating to small business owners.  All that new technology:  who has time to learn it all and keep up with it?  You’re too busy managing your inventory, your employees, payroll, and taxes.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated.  In fact, it can be downright simple.  If you start small.  So here’s a totally free and easy way to start small in social media:  use your email signature.

You use email every day, and you can advertise, for free, to every client you come into contact with, just by using your email signature.  Many people don’t use their signature at all, or if they do, they don’t ever change it.  That’s a mistake.

Use it to create a brand identity.  Include your company’s logo and tagline.  Include your address, telephone number, and website address.  In fact, here’s mine:

Maria Peagler
SOCIAL MEDIA CLASSES for Your Small Business Needs
p: 770-891-2852
f: 706-268-1363
e: [email protected]

Willow Ridge Media Logo

If you have a sale coming up or are introducing a new product, let your customers know about.  A special event?  Announce it.

If you have a Facebook page or email newsletter, give your customers the web URLs so they can sign up for it.

You get the picture.  The options are really endless.  I’ve used my own email signature for years, and I have over 20 of them I use interchangeably.  In fact, I wrote an ebook about it for authors.   But it’s not just for authors:  anyone with a small business can use the same techniques and be super-effective with it.

If you want to super-charge your email signature with social media features, try out Wisestamp.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Find my contact info in the sidebar at right.


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