Thank You for Registering for the Oct. 5 Facebook Webinar

Cool! I’m thrilled you’ve registered for the free Facebook webinar on Wed., Oct. 5 at 1p.m. EDT.  Make sure to mark your calendar, as you’ll have the best experience by watching it live.  Why? Because you can ask questions and I’ll be happy to answer them, on the spot! No worries if you can’t attend, though.  I’ll send you the recorded webinar.

Here’s where you’ll go for the online webinar on Wed., Oct. 5 at 1p.m.:

You don’t need a code, a telephone or a PIN.  All you need is a Slideshare or Facebook account.  You can log in with either.  The webinar is limited to the first 200 people, so if we have more than that, you may see an error message and will need to wait for the recorded presentation.

So, what will the format be?  Glad you asked.  Here you go:

  • a slideshow (yes, it’s PowerPoint, and no, it’s not boring, I promise) and video of me presenting the webinar.  I personally don’t like attending webinars where I can’t see the presenter.  I like a human touch and seeing the person behind the presentation.
  • I’ll be showing the changes you can expect to see in Facebook over the next few weeks, specifically for business pages
  • I’ll be focusing heavily on your action plan: what you need to do immediately, what you don’t need to worry about, and what you absolutely should not do

That will be the 20 minutes. I’ll stay on time and will take questions at the end.  Post your questions to my Facebook page, and I’ll make sure to address them in webinar.  How’s that for customer service?

Until then, here’s some homework: yes, homework!  (This is SocialMediaOnline “Classes,” remember?) Seriously look at your Facebook Insights and notice what is getting the most interaction on your page.  Don’t rely on the weekly email from Facebook with your Page Updates, but actually go into the Insights area of your page, and look at interactions.  Which posts get the most feedback?  Likes? Comments? That information is going to be essential moving forward.

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  • Marybeth Thomas Tawfik

    Marybeth September 27, 2011, 7:49 pm

    Should one ever put anything personal on a business facebook page? And why do my posts from my business page keep showing up on my personal page?

    (I sometimes hate computers)

  • Marybeth Thomas Tawfik

    Marybeth September 27, 2011, 7:50 pm

    And is it possible to get rid of the personal page now and keep the business page?

    • mariapeagler September 27, 2011, 9:09 pm

      Marybeth – the only thing I would put on a business page is what you’re comfortable with the world knowing. For example, I never post anything about my family, my birthdate, hometown, or other really personal information. I want to keep my family private, and your birthdate and hometown make it easy for identity thieves to guess your SSN.

      The reason your business page posts appear on your personal page is because you’ve LIKED your business page. So you see your posts the same way I would when I go and LIKE your business page: those posts appear on my personal profile.


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