The 80/20 of Your Social Media Marketing [VIDEO]

By Maria Peagler

Nov 07

The best way to keep your social media marketing effective and efficient is to focus on what works. By following the 80/2o rule, you’ll focus on the 20% of your efforts that provide 80% of your results.

This video looks at three tactics to help you identify and employ this concept in your own marketing campaigns. For more in-depth instructions, take a look at the blog posts mentioned in the video:

Timestamps & transcript are below the video:

00:00: The 80/20 of Your Social Media Marketing

00:49: Set Goals for Your Social Media Marketing

01:34: Create an Action Plan

02:58: Identify What’s Working Now

04:00: Measure How Your Marketing Efforts Worked

05:12: Automate the Social Media Tasks That Don’t Require Your Engagement


Where is the 80/20 of your social media marketing? The most profitable 20% of your efforts that bring 80% of your results. That’s what we’re going to look at in today’s video. It comes to the 80/20 rule of social media marketing. You want to look at where your most profitable 20% is. And the way that you’re going to do that is with three tactics.

You’re going to identify your marketing goals. You’re going to identify what’s working now. And then third, you’re going to automate some of your social media tasks that don’t require your engagement. So let’s take an in-depth look at each one of these. The first thing that you want to do is to start setting goals for your social media marketing. I have had clients who make seven figures, but they’ve told me I don’t know what social media can do for me. And so, ideally, what you want to do is to set goals that tie business goals, or even revenue goals, to your social media marketing. And those goals need to be smart. They need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. In doing that, you will have a very specific goal that you can tie to your social media marketing effort.

Then once you’ve got your smart goals, you need to create an action plan. And I’m going to have links to each of the blog posts that I’m showing you in this video, because each of these blog posts walk you through this process step-by-step. This, Creating an Action Plan for Your SMART Social Media Goals, this is one of the most popular blog posts that we have at What I recommend that you do after you create those goals is to create a monthly action plan where you break down what you want to be able to achieve each month, and then break down those monthly tasks into weekly and daily actions. This works. I can tell you it works because I use this. When you look at a goal, sometimes it seems just too big. But if you break it down into very doable steps, it’s much easier to do. Thirdly, after you set your goals and after you create that action plan, you want to start measuring.

That comes into the second step of identifying the 80/20 of your social media marketing, which is how do I identify what’s working now. And there’s several ways that you can do this. One of the ways is that is most popular is to use Google Analytics. And if you don’t have Google Analytics installed on your website or if you’re not really sure how to use it, definitely come and take a look at this post. It’s my Google Analytics for WordPress, how to easily measure what matters. It will walk you through not only installing Google Analytics, but looking at things like who is my audience, where’s my traffic coming from and what is my most popular content. You can also take a look at three very important metrics with Google Analytics.

This is from a post that I called 3 Metrics to Measure Year-End Social Media Results. As you come to the end of the year—you should be doing this all year, but especially toward the end of the year—you really want to measure how your marketing efforts worked. So the first thing you want to be able to look at is how much traffic did online marketing drive to my website. I believe in keeping measurements simple, and that’s what this post does. First of all, you just take a look to see how much traffic did social media bring. What were your best-performing posts. Then, you measure sales and compare that with traffic and see is there a correlation. Now this is the simplest way to measure social media results as far as tying them directly to revenue. There are all kinds of more complex ways to do this, but this is one of the simplest ways to do it. Another way that you can measure social media success is to look at insights. Facebook and Twitter and YouTube all offer insights into who your most profitable fans are, what the most popular posts that you do are. So you want to identify what’s working now.

Then, automate the social media tasks that don’t require your engagement. And I list a whole bunch of these here. But ultimately, what you want to do is to identify what are the tasks that you can delegate that don’t require you to do them. You want to find out the simplest way to do that. Sometimes it could be an app, it could be a virtual assistant. There are a lot of different way that you can do this. One of my favorite ways is using different apps. I use one called IFTTT. It’s called “Ift.” Zapier is another one that you can use. So definitely take a look at each of these blog posts that I will have linked below. By doing these three tasks, you will definitely be able to identify the most profitable part of your marketing and automate the parts of your marketing that don’t require your involvement.

This is Maria Peagler from with the 80/20 of your social media marketing.


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