The Art of Getting Recommendations

By Maria Peagler

Apr 09

Lately I’ve been stressing to my students and consulting clients how important it is to solicit recommendations from happy clients.


Because if you don’t ask, people don’t think to offer. It’s that simple. Recommendations are one of the BEST ways to stand out among a sea of profiles that start to look the same. Ask any hiring manager.

I make it a practice to ask my clients for recommendations on a regular basis. At a recent conference for quilters, I presented three workshops, and ended the last one by asking the attendees to offer a recommendation for me online. They could choose where: Facebook, LinkedIn, or email. Where didn’t matter.

Here are three recommendations that appear on my Facebook Timeline:

Here’s another from a colleague that appears on my LinkedIn profile:

This week, I’m giving you a to-do list of tactics to make it easy for people to offer a recommendation for you:

  • Ask for specifics. While you’re asking, suggest the person be detailed about exactly what value you offered them. Ask them: What did I provide you that others should know about?
  • Provide a gentle reminder. If you use an email signature, why not ask for a recommendation there? I’ll be changing my email signature this week to ask my clients to offer a recommendation on whichever platform they choose.
  • Make it part of your website. I’ve seen websites and Facebook pages that have recommendation capabilities built in to them, like this one on an insurance agent’s Facebook page:

  • Get recommendations from a broad spectrum of people: clients, colleagues, bosses, and even former employees. Give prospective clients a well-rounded picture of the experiences people have had working with you. Build trust by offering a glimpse of the positive results you provided for others.

Get started this week by selecting just one of these techniques to ask for recommendations. Next week, I’ll be offering a tutorial on how to use those recommendations for greatest impact.



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