The Challenge of Keeping Up with Facebook Changes

By Maria Peagler

Apr 30

How is a business owner supposed to keep up with all of the changes to Facebook?

Ever noticed that Facebook never comes out with versions, like 2.0 or 3.0? They don’t want to do anything that would alienate you from using it. They’ve watched enough Microsoft Windows debacles to learn to steer clear of naming their latest version.

Facebook changes almost daily. It can be mind-boggling to a business owner trying to market there.

The good news? I’ve made it possible for you to get updated at breakneck speed. In just 4 short weeks, you can use the New Facebook to grow your business, increase customer spend, and get results. Facebook 101 offers all the new stuff: Timeline, Sharing posts, Admin Panel, Insights, and more.

In fact, I rocked this class with over 85% New Content (short video tutorials, quick chunked lessons, & guided assignments). So even if you’ve taken it before, it’s an entirely new class.

And now you get certified when you complete the class – you get both a certificate you can print & an online widget you can display on your website.

Facebook 101 Certificate and Widget from

Sign up for Facebook 101  – you’re only 4 weeks away from rock star results.


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