The One Thing You Should Do on Social Media Every Day

By Maria Peagler

Sep 16

The one thing you should do on social media everyday

Social media is often called “relationship” marketing: instead of throwing messages at your audience, you’re actually developing a connection with them. You get to know what they like, share jokes and your latest specials, and you eventually earn their trust.

How do your customers feel when they haven’t heard from you in a while? Disappointed and wondering where you’ve been.

They miss you. Eventually, they’ll forget about you.

The simplest way to growing your business using social media? Be consistent:

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

Do you “show up” on your social networks daily?

Consistency is the key

What happens when you don’t show up in your social networks for awhile?

You get rusty. You forget how to do the basics: navigate your way around the network, search, post an update or a photo.

You get frustrated and it takes longer than you’d like to post your message.

Your audience, however, has still been engaging — just not with you.  Other small businesses have been consistent, and they’re reaping the benefits.

Go for the base hit, not the home run

Showing up and being consistent with your social media marketing is far more important than having a huge viral contest. That baseball adage, “go for the base hit, not the home run” applies to your marketing also.

Develop relationships with your audience in small steps. Keep in touch with them, the way you would a good friend.  Nurture and help those connections.

The more you show up, the more successful you’ll be

Why do people eventually purchase from you?

Rarely is it any single reason; instead, it’s often for lots of small ones.

They saw a link to an interesting article you posted. They’ve benefited from your helpful advice. They see you more often, in more ways than your competition.

You earn your client’s trust by showing up consistently, providing value, and earning their trust. Those relationships take time to build.

One day at a time.



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