Get Your Perfect Post Templates for Every Major Social Network

STOP wasting time guessing at what works & searching all over the internet only to find outdated resources.

Your time is valuable, and you need results NOW!

I'm sharing my BEST performing posts from this year so you can copy & paste what works now:

  • completely updated for what works NOW on social media
  • the Facebook post that reached over 4K people (without an ad!)
  • the trick for driving traffic to Instagram
  • and 21 more of my best-performing posts
Perfect Social Media Post Templates V2 Socialmediaonlineclasses

Watch Over My Shoulder as I Show You How to Create the Perfect Post for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & More

Along with the templates for each social network, you get The Perfect Social Media Post webinar.

The 64-minute webinar covers how to create the perfect social media post for:

  • Facebook link, photo & video posts (plus how to get more organic reach, easily)
  • Twitter text, link, photo & video tweets
  • LinkedIn link, photo & video posts (did you know you could add video here?)
  • the Pinterest pin format that gets more pins & repins than any other (including my secret for getting a hugely popular pin)
  • the Instagram photo size & video length for best results
  • the YouTube recording "hack" for recording video with your smartphone
  • why photos & images look so awesome on Google+
  • what to upload to Slideshare to increase your SEO

You Can Develop Social Media Posts that Get Massive Results for Your Business

Even if you've been frustrated by low engagement or overwhelmed by the constant changes in social media, you'll see immediate improvement after using these templates & watching the webinar.

Develop Your Best Posts This Week

With the perfect post templates and webinar, you'll be amazed at the outstanding posts you can create.

Because in addition to the post templates and webinar, you also get my top 3 best-performing posts from each social network. You won't have to guess at what works: you'll have it instantly and can use it for your own brand. 

Need to hire a social media intern or staffer? Provide them with the Perfect Social Media Post templates & webinar and just one hour they're social media-ready! 

You and your team will create compelling social media posts that resonate with your community. Posts that get Likes, Shares, and Comments. Tweets that get re-tweeted. Videos that get shared among your fans and followers.

What Posts Can You Create from These Templates?

You'll be able to effortlessly create posts you need most often on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & more, including:

How to create irresistible posts that get clicked and your fans can't resist sharing.

Learn the perfect combination of character length, links, and hashtags for Twitter.

Why do some pins go viral? They use this "secret" formula to get a crazy number of repins.

The EZ Button for Social Media Posts

  • Pick the template you need for your best social network.
    Feel free to copy my best-performing posts, or change them up for your brand.
  • Look like a pro — fast
    Even if you're not comfortable with social media or dread doing it, you'll make your brand look good in only a few minutes a day.
  • Social media posts made so easy, you cannot fail.
    Marketing your business is tough. It's a noisy world, and the pressure of coming up with compelling posts that get noticed is challenging. You need an EZ button that guarantees your success even on those days you feel brain-dead.

Check Social Media Off Your List ...

I'm a small business owner, wife to a husband who's a small business owner, a mom of two teenagers, a daughter, sister, friend, and caretaker of . . . everyone. I needed a way to create outstanding social media marketing for my business, yet still have time for product development, accounting, customer service, and family.

You're Going to Need Another Post for Tomorrow . . .

We all need fresh content for social media marketing. It's not a one-and-done kinda thing, is it?

No worries —  I'm giving you the ultimate shortcut. You'll actually look forward to looking at your laptop screen and developing a creative post, a helpful video, or an image that has your followers saying things like this:

What's the SECRET for Getting Results on Social Media?


The Perfect Social Media Post is a bonus webinar I shared with Socialmediaonlineclasses.com members after they asked for help with creating their own original posts. But it's not just a webinar. Here's what it includes:

Step-by-Step Webinar

Watch over my shoulder as I show you the "secret" formula for the perfect social media post for each social network. (Get a sneak peek by watching the excerpt at the top of this page.)

social media training facebook

MP3 Audio

Listen to the .mp3 audio anytime, anywhere: it's great to listen to while you workout, in the car, or on your computer.

social media training facebook

Slide Deck

Get up close with each social media post by reviewing the actual slide deck I use in the webinar.

See each of the 24 top-performing social media posts up close: copy them, be inspired by them, and use them as your own swipe file!

social media training facebook

Post Templates

Get all EIGHT templates: one for every major social network.  No matter which social network you decide to take on, you're ready and so is your team with these templates.

Perfect Social Media Post Templates V2 Socialmediaonlineclasses

What Our Clients Say About Our Training

Get the Perfect Social Media Post System

Normally $297.00, I'm making it available for only $7 to new subscribers to the Perfect Facebook Post template.  This is a limited time offer, and you will not see this screen again.

How to generate content in 10 minutes flat

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Real Testimonials from Real Clients

Maria Peagler

About Maria Peagler & Socialmediaonlineclasses.com

Socialmediaonlineclasses.com offers online training on every major social network, includes certification, and 1:1 coaching every month for when you get stuck and have questions.

Maria Peagler is an award-winning author, publisher, and technical trainer, serial entrepreneur and instructional designer. The titles she's most proud of are mom and wife of 25 years.  She enjoys watercolor painting, quilting, and hiking in the mountains of Georgia.

Why Is the System Only $7?

Because I've found many of my clients were skeptical about Socialmediaonlineclasses.com before they enrolled. They've been scammed online. They're unsure if they'll get value for their money.

I totally understand, and I believe in paying it forward.

So, this is my way of giving you incredible value for a small fee, in the hopes you'll see the type of helpful training we provide for every major social network at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com. In short, I'm hoping you'll be so WOWed you can't wait to become a member.

No Pressure to Join or Upgrade

The Perfect Social Media Post System is yours to keep, after you pay the $7 fee. It's yours forever. You can review it as often as you need to, watch the video, rewind, fast-forward, on your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet.

The infographic is yours to keep, as is the spreadsheet, mp3 audio and slide deck. It's all yours, for just $7.​ That's less than a meal at a fast-food joint (and it's good for you!).

Still Not Sure if This is for You?

The Perfect Social Media Post System works for entrepreneurs, business owners, social media consultants, marketing professionals, students, and even professors (yes, college professors use it to teach their own students):

Who Can Use the System

  • Entrepreneurs starting a business.
  • Small business owners (brick-and-mortar or online).
  • Social media managers & consultants.
  • Marketing communications professionals.
  • College students.
  • College professors at major universities.

How to Use the System

  • Raise funds on Kickstarter w/ content.
  • Promote your latest product, sale, or service.
  • Create client's content FAST.
  • Stay relevant by showing your social media skills & fresh content.
  • Land that perfect summer internship.
  • Teach your students the most current content creation tactics.
How to generate content in 10 minutes flat

"What You Get" in the Perfect Social Media Post System (for only $7)

  • 64-minute webinar where you watch over my shoulder as I reveal the perfect post for each social network
  • Slide deck to review & browse
  • mp3 audio to listen on the go
  • Eight one-page templates (one for each social network) revealing the perfect post format & content
  • 24 of my best-performing social media posts
  • Yours forever, on any device, any time

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you aren't delighted with your Perfect Social Media Post system, for any reason,  just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this on my mobile device?

What if I don't own a business?

What if I don't use Facebook?

How long does the system take?

Will I need to buy additional apps?

What if it Doesn't Work for Me?

P.S. These are the actual posts I've created over the past year that have gotten the best results. I spend a LOT of time perfecting social media: not just doing it, but in measuring the performance of each post, identifying what content resonates, and discovering which post types people Like & Share the most.  

I spend all that time in social so you don't have to. I'm giving you the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT by allowing you to be a social media ninja in just one hour!

I've been a technology trainer for over 25 years, and I specialize in making the complex simple & easy to understand. The Perfect Social Media Post system will change your life (and make your daily routine far more enjoyable!).