Most Popular Articles of 2012

By Maria Peagler

May 30

As we approach the halfway point in the year, I wanted to look back at the Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012 and see what were the most popular posts here on For many, summer is a slower season, and this is a great time to review your business plan, find what’s working, pivot on what isn’t, and work on professional development.

These massively popular blog posts will help you do all that and more. Mark some time on your calendar so you can read one each day and then — most importantly — act on it.

Here are the Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts from the first half of 2012:

  1. Facebook Marketing Infographic
  2. Social Media Strategy Chart
  3. Twitter Marketing Tweet Sheet Infographic
  4. Facebook Marketing Strategies
  5. Social Media Campaign Infographic
  6. I Pin, You Pin, We All Pin on Pinterest
  7. Small Business Resources
  8. 5 LinkedIn Strategies to Grow Your Business
  9. Content Strategy – Where Do I Get It All?
  10. May Success Story – Penny Pearl of Bear2Bull Coaching
Which one will you be acting on this summer to grow your business? Share your strategies in the comments.

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