Top Ten Reasons Local Business Owners Should Start Blogging Today

By Maria Peagler

Feb 02
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Deer-in-the-headlights stares are what I see when I suggest to many of my clients they need to start a blog.

“Who, me?” they ask.  “I don’t have time for a blog.”

Really?  You have time for your Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and other networking events, but you aren’t making time to connect directly with your customers?  How often do you really get to talk to the people who walk into your business?  A blog allows you to directly connect with your audience without going through traditional media channels:  want to offer a coupon?  Do it on your blog.  Want to send out a press release?  Post it to your blog.  Want to let people know about your newest promotion, staff member, or company news?  Yep, put it on your blog!  None of these options were available before blogging:  you had to go through print media, radio or television.  Which took a major chunk of your marketing budget.  Blogging software is free.  What are you waiting for?

Here are my Top Ten Reasons Local Business Owners Need to Be Blogging

  1. Blogs increase your SEO better than any other social media platform, period.  Google and other search engines index blogs more frequently than static websites or social networks (many of which aren’t indexed by Google at all).
  2. Blogs drive traffic to your website and are much easier to maintain.  You don’t need to be a geek to write a blog.
  3. Blogs allow you to reach an international audience at no cost except your time.  Try that with traditional media.
  4. Blogs serve as the hub of a Social News Network (SNN) for your company, and you can repurpose your blog content onto your Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile.  You can even automatically feed your blog content to both Facebook and LinkedIn.
  5. Blogs invite feedback from customers in a way that’s often difficult to do in person.  While face-to-face communication is always best, how often do you get to connect, in person, with your clients?  My favorite restaurant’s chef is so busy in the kitchen I never see her, but we can connect on her blog.
  6. Blogs allow your customers to get to know your team.  Let your staff write blog posts every so often, so your customers can hear from your terrific staff and look forward to seeing their smiling faces.
  7. Blogs allow you to control your message.  You don’t have to wait for a reporter to write the article and cover your business.  You can do it.
  8. Blogs help you compete with the big guys.  Local business owners often suffer when the big box stores move to town.   A blog allows you to compete on the same scale online and even outshine them, if you do it well.
  9. Blogs let your personality shine through to your audience.  People do business with other people, period.  Let potential customers get to know you and your team, and they are far more likely to purchase from you.
  10. Blogs build an online audience for your product and allow you to connect on a regular basis with your customers.  Readers can subscribe to your blog and get automatic updates anytime you write a new post.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get blogging!  Register for my WordPress 101 online class to get started today.


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Founder of, Benjamin Franklin award-winner for independent publishing, award winning author of eight books, wife, mom, quilter and watercolor artist.

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Carli February 18, 2011

Hi Maria,
Thank you for putting all this straight up like a good scotch. I’m just starting out in my business and came across yours through searches for quilting authors. I wanted to know if I could print off this little piece to include in my business plan? I’m eligible for a business start up grant with Community Futures Nadina in BC and I’ve been promoting the total usefulness of blogging for my business. Your useful articles are a really help to me. I knew it was important, just a little unsure of how to go about it. Thanks so much and I’ve ordered your book on blogging.

    Maria Peagler February 21, 2011

    Hi Carli – You are most welcome to include this page in your business plan. You can also link to it from your own blog if you like. Just give me credit, as I’m sure you would. Good luck with everything and please let me know if I can help. I’m putting together some online courses in social media, and we’ll be beginning with Facebook. Keep an eye out as I’ll be announcing them here. They’ll start early March!


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