Weekly Top 5 for Feb 06, 2017

What’s new this week here at Here’s a recap of what’s new in social media and your learning resources:

#1: [ALL-NEW] Instagram Marketing Infographic

We’ve updated our popular infographic with 64 unique ways to market on Instagram, including stories, live video & more. Download your full-size version here:

#2: [UPDATED] Facebook Photo, Video & Link Posts

Are you keeping up with Facebook’s latest changes? Our Facebook 101 class includes the newest ways to share your links, images and videos (both recorded and live stream). Lessons 9, 10, and 11 are all-new here . . .

#3: [COACHING MOMENT] Author Marketing from Zero to Success

In this week’s 1:1 coaching session with Maria, an SMOC member who’s an author of a four-book series is starting from zero: no website, no social media. Her question: where should she start? See Maria’s answer here . . .

#4: Should Your Brand Talk Politics on Social Media?

Never before has politics been so visible on social networks, which begs the question, “should my brand talk about politics?” See Maria’s guidelines here . . .

#5: HELP! I Can’t Get My Clients to Communicate?

It’s a frustration often heard from marketing consultants: “I can’t get my clients to provide me with content on a regular basis!” Watch this video where Maria shares the best way to make it easy for you to communicate with your clients . . .

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