What’s New in Social Media: 3rd Quarter 2014 Round-Up

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Oct 10

A lot has changed in online marketing over the last 12 weeks — here’ s your go-to resource for all the new content (in addition to your classes) at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com for 3rd quarter 2014.  Bookmark this page so you can return to it when you need answers fast!

Growing Your Business

  1. How to Get More Sales from Your Website [WEBINAR EXCERPT]… http://bit.ly/1saBkFT
  2. Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Generating Revenue… http://bit.ly/1Dwadbh
  3. How to Get More Sales from Your Website Webinar Replay & Resources… http://bit.ly/1wE3Uxs
  4. How to Rebrand Yourself and Launch a New Career … http://bit.ly/1wE30RM
  5. Online Training for Different Learning Styles: Social Media Training … http://bit.ly/1p2ZOt1
  6. The Learn Startup Approach to Education in America: Minimum Viable Education… http://bit.ly/1xIwdiG
  7. College Guide to Landing a Job… http://goo.gl/cSGgxQ

Online Marketing Strategy

  1. How to Create a Stock Photo Library [VIDEO]… http://bit.ly/1rpIhRj
  2. The One Thing You Should Do on Social Media Every Day… http://bit.ly/1BJartz
  3. New Cheat Sheets in Your Swipe File… http://goo.gl/1MmZOK
  4. What to Look for in Online Social Media Training… http://goo.gl/TwNfCe
  5. How to Write a Blog Post in 10 Minutes Flat… http://goo.gl/ASRgDi
  6. Learn How to Build Your Own Stock Photo Library Using Your iPhone… http://goo.gl/1S6BY9
  7. Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing Webinar Replay & Resources… http://goo.gl/VSws0E
  8. This Surprising Social Network Outperforms All Others… http://goo.gl/vlSrVq
  9. How to Brand & Watermark Your Images [VIDEO]*… http://goo.gl/RPLoQv
  10. The State of Social Media for Small Business… http://goo.gl/CQsfMa


  1. How Facebook Just Made Your Life Easier … http://bit.ly/1sbeE8k
  2. How Often Should I Post to Facebook in 2014?… http://goo.gl/JKzeiD
  3. How to Get Double Duty from Every Facebook Post… http://goo.gl/O2vc4R
  4. HUGE Facebook News: Google Search Now Links to FB Posts Using Hashtags… http://goo.gl/1OmYJc
  5. What Facebook ISN’T Telling You About Its Latest Business Page Redesign… http://goo.gl/RE5ksc
  6. Member Exclusive: How to Create a Facebook Timeline with a Clickable Button… http://goo.gl/298g7m
  7. Facebook 2014 Changes — What You Need to Know (INFOGRAPHIC) … http://goo.gl/yA18p8
  8. Website Images Won’t Appear on Facebook Post Links… http://goo.gl/EykVJ2
  9. How to Find Which Apps You Have Installed on Facebook… http://goo.gl/8zD7A7
  10. Monthly Coaching Video Clip: How to EASILY Increase Your Facebook Post Reach… http://goo.gl/3CUc3o


Instagram Marketing Infographic… http://bit.ly/Zdc2dC


Google+ Image Size Cheat Sheet… http://bit.ly/WZoqfw


Twitter Image Size Cheat Sheet… http://goo.gl/wrUI4T


Pinterest Contest Swipe File… http://goo.gl/BjJuaE

Best of the Best

  1. 2014′s Best Social Media Marketing Infographics… http://goo.gl/PZFaZ0
  2. Most Popular Articles from the First Half of 2014… http://goo.gl/Fg32VL
  3. Our Top Presentations — Get ‘Em Here!… http://goo.gl/x5uFMu

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