What’s the Pinterest Litmus Test? (and WHY You Need to Do It NOW!)

By Maria Peagler

Feb 26

Does it seem like the web is abuzz with Pinterest fever? No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot about this new social network lately and you’re curious: should I be using it for business?

Take the Pinterest Litmus Test

Here’s the simple test you can take to determine whether Pinterest will pay off in sales & revenue for your business:

Are Your Clients Primarily Women?

If yes, then JUMP onto Pinterest. Do. Not. Wait.

If no, then don’t worry about it. Your clients aren’t on Pinterest.

Is it really that simple?

Yes, it is. Women are flocking to Pinterest, a visual social network, for ideas, inspiration, and a fun way to network online. One of my clients told me today “I keep a pen by my table to write down all the ideas I see on Pinterest. I never have this much fun on Facebook!”

Case Study Details

You’ll learn more about Kate Bryan and how Pinterest grew her blog, attracted advertisers in the Case Study Lesson.

2013 Update

Since writing this original post, more and more men are joining Pinterest, primarily for marketing purposes.  They don’t use the social network for fun or for inspiration; instead, they’re on Pinterest to marketing & sell.

They may pick up a few clients here & there, but that strategy will not work.  You need to be active on Pinterest to see results.



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