Why Aren’t You Using YouTube to Market Your Business?

By Maria Peagler

Nov 14

I presented two standing-room-only sessions at Digital Atlanta last week, and one thing stood out as I talked to the attendees:  they are not using YouTube to market their businesses.  When I asked how many people had not watched a YouTube video, not a single hand went up. And that included the 70+ year-old mother who worked with her daughter in their kitchen and bath design business.

But, when I asked how many of those same people were using video to market their business, almost no hands went up: none at my Wednesday evening session, and maybe three out of 50 at my Thursday session.  Everyone had a smart phone, which they could use to record a simple 30-second video. In fact, I challenged attendees to record a simple 30-second video telling their best takeaway from the conference and upload it to my Facebook page.  How many did it? Uh, how about none?

Enormous missed opportunity.

So here’s my question: if everyone is watching YouTube, why aren’t you there? Why would you ignore an opportunity to reach an open social network that reaches consumers, increases your SEO, and puts a personal face to your business?

Vanessa Wilson,TheCraftyGemini has over one million views on her YouTube channel for sewing, quilting, and crafting videos.  She recorded her videos in her apartment dining room with nothing more than what you have.  No fancy equipment or editing software.  Just interesting content and authenticity. That’s what makes Vanessa so effective as the instructor for my YouTube 101 course: she is just like most business owners who don’t have a background in video, but she got amazing results anyway by using the most basic equipment.

Here are my tips for creating effective video for your brand:

  1. Keep it short.  My Social Media Minute videos are intentionally brief so you can learn in small bites.
  2. If you’re unsure about appearing on camera, don’t. My first videos were demonstrations where all you see are my hands.
  3. Use what you have. You really can create good video using your computer’s webcam, your smart phone, a Flip video camera, or your digital camera.
  4. Include a call to action at the end. Tell people what you want them to do: visit your website, come into your store, or subscribe to your newsletter.
Here’s my challenge to you: create a simple 30-second video introducing yourself and your business, and post it to my SocialMediaOnlineClasses Facebook page.  What easier way than to get started using one of the most effective tools for marketing your business? If you’re really serious about marketing your business using video, register for Vanessa’s YouTube 101 class here on SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com so you can learn from the best.



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Founder of Socialmediaonlineclasses.com, Benjamin Franklin award-winner for independent publishing, award winning author of eight books, wife, mom, quilter and watercolor artist.

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coachjennlee November 29, 2011

This is too funny…when your email came in to my inbox, I was busy surfing YouTube to find comparisons of other coaches using YouTube to promote themselves. Stay tuned, I’ll be launching right after the first of the year my very own JennLeeTV channel! Thanks for the great tips…see you “out there”. Jenn

    Maria Peagler November 29, 2011

    Jenn – Wow, great minds think alike! You are so smart to be doing competitive research on what other coaches are doing. Vanessa Wilson teaches the YouTube 101 course here and she has you do market research and create your own YouTube channel. Can’t wait to see your new channel – keep me posted and I’ll be one of your first subscribers!

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