Your Best Five Pieces of Content Live Webinar + Recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic

By Maria Peagler

May 01

Join Maria Peagler for this 30-minute live webinar: ​Your Best Five Pieces of Content:

  • 30-Minute Webinar + On-Demand recording + MP3 Audio + Infographic
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  • Thurs, May 17, 1pm ET, 5pm GMT

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Develop Your Best Five Pieces of Content

Every business needs it: content.

But, we're all generating far more content than ever before, resulting in a . . . 

. . . content glut.

There - I said it. Yes, the internet is now replete with blog posts, white papers, videos, and images that provide little in the way of value beyond their owner's desperate attempts to rank in online search and get free traffic.

Is most of it any good?

Not really.

Which makes building outstanding content easier and more important than ever.

So in this month's bonus webinar, you'll learn how to make your business stand out with your best five pieces of content, including:

  • what topics your content should cover (and what to avoid)
  • what format your content should take 
  • how to develop content so good your audience can't wait to share it

Plus, plenty of time for Q&A, so come with questions, so sign up today!

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Webinar Transcript

All right when it comes content, and this could be anything from a flier for an event, it can be your website, social media, your blog, images, video, anything. Any kind of content that you are developing for your small business. Which describes you?

​Are you more of the one billion served, you just want to churn out that content, get it done, and get it served up, and it was good while it lasted but then it's over and you've moved on to the next thing. Or are you more like a fine wine that gets better over time?

​It's really a decision of quantity or quality, and I'll tell you my perspective on this and why I'm framing our webinar this way. Content is not new, you know we've called it something different before the digital age. We called it writing, or developing a flier or developing a marketing piece. It's always been content, we just called it something different.

​I figured out very early on in my writing career when I was an author. You know I would work really hard on a book which would take about nine months. I would send it off to the publisher, and I was really proud of it, and probably my best feeling was it was done.

​You know it was done and I could move on to something else. Well it was never done, because it needed to be updated. What I figured out was it was better to focus on those content projects that had a long life span rather than the little short quick things that might be easy to do, but they didn't last very long. That is what we are going to be taking a look at today, is how you can use, again, the 80/20 rule, and in every webinar I talk about this, especially for small businesses.

​We're gonna be looking at not every piece of content that you need to make, but the 20% of the content that is gonna make the most significant impact on your business. I will tell you as we go along, for each piece of content, how and why it plays into the 80/20 rule.

​We're gonna be looking at five pieces of content, and that's it. Just five, and that kind of surprises people. They think they need to have a ton of content. Not really. If you start off with these five pieces, no matter where you are in your business, whether you are just starting out or whether you've been in business a long time, and you might need to feel the need to freshen things up. These are gonna be the five pieces of content that are gonna make the biggest impact on your business.

​I want you to think of these as building blocks, almost like legos. You're gonna take the content that you develop and use it interchangeably. So you'll take a piece of content that you created and use it somewhere else, or maybe a piece of one and use it somewhere else, and eventual what you'll be able to do is to repurpose that into a lot of different content.

​That's what I'm gonna be showing you how to do today, and I'll be showing you examples with things that we've done here at

​Okay. So without further ado, what is the number one piece of content that you need for your business? Drum roll please. It is your website home page. Now why is this number one? Well because just about anyone who is going to do business with you is going to see this. It is start here on a map, is gonna be your website home page. So that's why it fits into that 80/20 rule.

​Let's take a look at what your website home page should have.

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