Your First Business Video

By Maria Peagler

Oct 27
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How to easily record & edit your first business video with only the equipment you already have.  Yes. You. Can!

Here are all of your bonus resources to teach you EXACTLY how:

  1. Bonus Webinar Video
  2. .mp3 Audio File
  3. Final Youtube video I recorded during the webinar
  4. How to Be Comfortable video with Mary Ellen Miller – former professional broadcaster
  5. How to Be Comfortable on Cameria Checklist
  6. Your First Business Video Infographic

1. Bonus Webinar Video

In this brief 30-minute webinar you’ll learn how to be comfortable on camera, discover two case studies of small businesses that use video to thrive during the recession, you’ll watch me record & edit a video on YouTube, plus you’ll get a bonus:  how to get a professional produced video for only $25.  Wow!

Webinar Table of Contents

1:00 — Two Small Business Video Case Studies

6:00 — How to Be Comfortable on Camera (tips given by Mary Ellen Miller, former news anchor)

11:00 — How to Record & Edit a Video on YouTube (with no special equipment)

21:00 — How to Get a Professional Video for $25 (yes, really!)

2. .mp3 Audio File

Click on the icon below to listen to the audio version of the webinar:


3.  Final Video Maria Recorded During Webinar


4.  How to Be Comfortable on Camera Video

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5.  How to Be Comfortable on Camera Checklist

6.  Your First Business Video Infographic


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