Your Ultimate Guide to Facebook Business Pages vs. Personal Profiles

By Maria Peagler

Mar 09
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Updated Jan 2013.

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Everything begins with a personal profile

Even if all you want is a business page, you need to start with a personal profile first.  Facebook began as a network for friends and requires you to start here.  So first, create a personal profile, which is the foundation for your account.

You’ll create a business page from your personal profile

Your business page is linked to your personal account, but no one else knows they are connected, unless you want them to.  That’s completely up to you.  You can have only one personal profile, but unlimited business pages, which is great for serial entrepreneurs or companies with subsidiaries.  Scholastic has done a tremendous job of creating different business pages surrounding their book clubs, and each has its own business page.

Personal profiles have a limit of 5,000 friends, while business pages can have unlimited fans

A common Facebook blunder is to use your personal profile to market your business.  You’re at a distint disadvantage doing it this way.  Why?

  • Personal profiles are limited to 5,000 friends.  Business pages have no limit to their Fans (as evidenced by the millions of fans on Starbuck’s page)
  • You can’t schedule posts on your personal profile the way you can on your business page
  • You can’t get Insights on your personal profile (demographic data & analytics on your business page performance)
  • You can’t advertise your personal profile

Remember, however, that having a smaller number of engaged fans is better than attracting crowds of fans who Like your page for no other reason than to win a contest.  Also, NEVER resort to buying fans.  It’s a ponzi scheme that will forever ruin your business page.

Personal profiles offer privacy settings; business pages offer NO privacy

You are in complete and total control over what information Facebook shares with people, business pages, and third parties.  Fear of companies getting too much information on your personal life is unfounded, but you need to educate yourself.  Privacy settings for your personal profile offer the ability to lockdown your information, and you can customize exactly who sees what.  My best tips?

  1. Hide your birth year and hometown, because identity thieves can guess your Social Security Number from those two pieces of data.
  2. Don’t list your address or personal telephone number on your Contact Information. Do list your business telephone number on your business page.  Remember, you’re marketing on your business page, so make it easy for people to contact you for professional reasons.
  3. Do allow everyone to see your profile photo, because more than one person in the world has your name, and without seeing your photo, people don’t know if they’re asking the correct person to be their friend.
  4. Use this quick fix to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked.

Your business page does not offer privacy protection, which is no different than posting marketing information to your blog, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  You’re putting the good stuff out there and you want people to see it.

Facebook does not include Likes from other pages in the total number of people who Like your page

The big number professionals measure is how many fans their business page has, but Facebook only includes the number of people who Like your page, not other businesses.  Since the March 2011 update, Facebook allows a page to Like another page, but doesn’t include those in the total number of fans:  only people count.  Don’t be discouraged if you’re doing B2B networking and marketing on Facebook.  Those numbers don’t affect those business relationships.

Go Do It

Why is Facebook so awesome for business? 1 billion users, and the reasons I outline in this video:

I encourage you to learn more by educating yourself by registering for a Facebook 101:  Developing a Facebook Business Page course over at  You can take the class on any device, view short video tutorials, screenshots, and get help in the Community Forum or during Video Office Hours.



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Admin Tester March 9, 2011

Thanks Maria – great info!

Admin Tester March 9, 2011

Great post Maria. Thanks for sharing!


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